Chasing the Truth




These days, the truth can seem as elusive as a summer firefly. As conflicting sides to the same story are presented day-and-night, on every medium, many of us aren’t sure what to believe. We live in a time when sorting the reality from the rhetoric can be as interesting as it is frustrating.

It’s also a time when some of our neighbors live in fear. Will they be made to leave the country they call home? Will she be able to afford basic health care next year? Will our children get a solid public education, or will funding and other concerns begin to change the landscape we know?

In times of uncertainty, it can be comforting to know that there are people in the trenches, fighting the good fight and making a difference. Here in Nebraska, we are fortunate to not only have many great nonprofits tackling these issues, but also generous donors to fund them and solid leaders to show us the way.

We also have regular, everyday citizens who care about their communities, and who don’t give up when the going gets tough, when politics seem perilous or when the marginalized need a mouthpiece. They show up at state legislative hearings. They call their U.S. Senators.

They volunteer at their local food bank and give their hard-earned money to organizations tackling issues they care about. This issue of Today’s Omaha Woman takes a look at those fighting for justice and equality in this brave new world and, I’m happy to report, their stories often uncover silver linings and reasons to hope.

After all, every history buff knows we’ve faced similar challenges before and—thanks to people like those we feature on the pages of this magazine—we always seem to not only survive but to come out the other side stronger, and certainly wiser.

Personally, despite having to chase that firefly of truth every day, I still believe good will prevail. W


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